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Donations go to sending thousands of Holocaust education curriculum materials to schools across America. Plus, donations go to the Children of the Holocaust association (Jewish child survivors) in Poland (please see their letter below). This association takes care of those surviving rescuers of Jewish children and adults. Your donation will help with the purchase of wheelchairs, health care needs, etc.

If you designate, your donation can go to the Life in a Jar Foundation for their work of Holocaust education in schools around the United States and world.

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Contributions can also be made to the Student Scholarship Fund directed by Howard Jacobson.

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Dear Friends,

The Association “Children of the Holocaust” in Poland has a mission is to preserve the memory about the tragic experience of Jews in the years of Holocaust.  We direct many educational programs. During our meetings with school students we give talks about heroes – people who at the peril of their life and of the life of their relatives saved Jews during the Nazi occupation. There are about 600 people living in Poland honored with the title “Righteous Among the Nations.” They are 88 years old on the average, ill and living in poverty. We nominated the Assistance Committee for the Righteous Among the Nations to give them the help which is within our reach. We help them to buy things like hearing aids, glasses, and dentures, to obtain more expensive medicines, payment for nursing help, journeys to specialist doctors, care in nursing homes, payment for fuel for the Winter, and other necessities  –  but our modest possibilities do not let us to help the entire group in all its needs. We are taking this opportunity to ask you to help us in our efforts. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Norman Conard and his students for the entire moral and financial support. Their unceasing activity in favor of Irena Sendler reminds all of generous and heroic attitudes of the Righteous. Help us to help them.

Anna Drabik, President of Children of the Holocaust