Speaker's Bureau

Contact Norm Conard for powerful speakers on Irena Sendler and the Holocaust. The teacher goes around the nation presenting, as does project founder, Megan Felt. Our speakers have recently presented in Florida, New Jersey, Canada, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Texas. They spoke before many diverse groups. There is not a stipend charge for the speakers, but we ask for a donation to our non-profit foundation, plus travel expenses. They are also available to set up Skype calls with book clubs and other organizations or classes.

Colorado presentations: “Keep sharing this wonderful story, the presentation was powerful and inspired our audience. It has been several months, but we are still receiving notes about the event.”

From a Jewish Congregaton in Wisconsin: “Thank you so much for all your efforts to come to Madison this past weekend. What wonderful work you all do, and what an amazing group of people who are involved in Life in a Jar. The message you are giving to people is so, so important. I hope you can continue to spread the word through Life in a Jar for many, many years to come. The play itself and the video clips are so powerful. The personal anecdotes that everyone adds really makes everything so much more meaningful and heartfelt. Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed meeting all of you. Every one of you is so, so special.”

Many book clubs are scheduling the teacher and/or students for the new award winning ‘Life in a Jar/the Irena Sendler Project’ book.

Norm Conard

Norm Conard

Megan Stewart Felt

Megan Stewart Felt


We are also available to Skype with students, book clubs, schools, etc. This is a wonderful example as to how you can structure a Skype session in your school or classroom. Contact conardnorm@gmail.com if you have more questions.

8:05-8:50      I will share historical background information about Irena Sendler.

8:50-9:00      We will do a quick restroom break and set up for the Skype presentation.

9:00-9:45      Megan – Skype presentation on the “Life in a Jar” project

9:45-10:30    Follow-up break-out discussion facilitated by myself, Nikki Honeyman, social studies teacher, and Middle School Staff  (I will have guiding questions for them to follow)