Other Diversity Projects

The Lowell Milken Center works on many unsung hero diversity projects. Those in the Irena Sendler Project have worked with students in all 50 states and over 30 countries on diversity projects.


Diversity Project: Emma Darling Cushman

Thousands of orphans owed her their lives, but this heroine lay for decades in an unmarked grave, her story buried with her. Then a group of students discovered her remarkable legacy, bringing forth the story of a true humanitarian with relentless courage, compassion,...

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Diversity Project: Lilla Day Monroe

Lilla Day Monroe passed the bar in 1894 and became the first female lawyer in Kansas. Zöe’s original play depicts the story of the Topeka-based suffragette, who was a fierce fighter for women’s rights and underprivileged citizens and worked daily to give them the...

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Diversity Project: For Generations Yet Unborn

This documentary film project by Heather Jurgenson, a 10th grade student at Uniontown, Kansas High School in 1996, began a beautiful story. Heather became friends with Elizabeth Eckford of the Little Rock Nine and produced a video documentary. She, along with two...

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Diversity Project: Walk on Bill Moore, Walk on

Many more diversity projects preceded Life in a Jar. The Bill Moore project brought a motto of "walk on" to the classroom, as five students (David Foster, Trish Endicott, Cody Carey, Casey Sifers, and Randi Wiles) produced a drama performance on the civil rights march...

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Diversity Project: Night Fell in Georgia

Uniontown High School students Travis Stewart, Melissa Query, and Hillary Jurgenson, developed a documentary film about the Leo Frank Case. These students produced this film in 2002-2003, as a diversity project in the social studies department with teacher Norm Conard...

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Diversity Project: The Migrant Mother

Four Uniontown students researched, wrote and performed a drama presentation, based on the Dorothea Lange photograph of the Migrant Mother during the Depression. Megan Stewart, Elizabeth Cambers, Megan Mann and Candace Lowry presented this production as a part of the...

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Diversity Project: Gordon Parks

Joanna Fewins was an 8th grade student at Uniontown when she developed a documentary film on the life of Gordon Parks. She featured his beginning in local Fort Scott and his career as a world-renowned photographer and filmmaker. Joanna contacted Mr. Parks, and he...

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