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Stefanie Seltzer: President of the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust

Stefanie Seltzer and Bieta Ficowska

Stefanie Seltzer and Bieta Ficowska

Stefanie cares about people and cares about the world learning the story of child survivors. Her constant effort and devotion to a passionate cause has touched the lives of many. She has been with the Life in a Jar students on a number of occasions, spent time with Irena, is a close friend of Bieta and Renata, and has great energy for telling the story of Irena Sendler and others.

Her work with the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors and their Descendants and their dynamic publication is an inspiration. The powerful website for this organization is:

Gayle and Bruce Krigel: Involved with Repair of the World

Gayle and Bruce Krigel

Gayle and Bruce Krigel

Gayle and Bruce Krigel are leaders in the Kansas City community, they are also great friends of the project. Gayle organized the Tikkun Olam banquet on March 10, 2002, which honored Irena Sendler and the students. Bruce and Gayle have hosted the students on several occasions and constantly work to repair the world. Gayle is active in many Kansas City causes and helps schedule Life in a Jar presentations in the K.C. area. Gayle was chosen ‘Volunteer of the Year’ in Kansas City for 2007. Gayle is also President of the Board at the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education. Both Gayle and Bruce are dearly loved by the Irena Sendler Project family.

Addison Brown: Cast Member

Addison Brown

Addison plays Marie, the right hand in Irena’s underground network. Addison is an administrative assistant/docent at the Unsung Heroes Center. She is a new addition to the cast and looks forward to being apart of Life in a Jar. She is an aspiring musician along with her work at the Center, plus performing in the play. She is thankful for this amazing opportunity and looks forward to doing her part in repairing the world.

Erin Simons Geeding: Cast Member

Erin Simmons Geeding

Erin portrays the Jewish mother, Mrs. Rosner. Erin is a senior at Missouri State University where she will be receiving her bachelors degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She will be continuing her education at Missouri State to receive a Masters degree in Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She was previously the head of campus honors book club which recently featured ‘Life in a Jar’ as the book of the month.



Mary Fischer: Cast Member

Mary Fischer

Mary is a sophomore at Illinois State University and is majoring in molecular biology. She has been in the play for five years. She will be playing the role of Irena Sendler. She has also won state and national awards for other history performances, featuring unsung heroes as role models in history.

Theresa Schafer: Former Cast Member, Orphan

Theresa Schafer performs in Abilene, KS

Theresa Schafer performs in Abilene, KS

Theresa played the role of the orphan and other roles for 5 years. Her singing of the Hebrew song as the orphan was a huge hit with audiences. She also has played other roles in the play and will soon portray Irena Sendler, the first person other than Megan Felt to portray Irena in the play for six years.



Rabbi Michael Schudrich: Rabbi of Poland

Rabbi Michael Schudrich

Rabbi Michael Schudrich

Rabbi Schudrich has been a good friend of Irena and the Life in a Jar kids for a number of years.

He has been to several presentations, both in the U.S. and in Poland, and continues to be involved in a powerful work. He always meets with the Life in a Jar cast when they visit Poland, takes an active part in the Irena Sendler Award, and promotes Holocaust education in Polish schools.

The Rabbi has been so active in so many Holocaust education initiatives in Eastern Europe.

Norma Brobyn: Friend of the Project

Norma Brobyn with the LiaJ Cast

Norma Brobyn with the LiaJ Cast

Norma lives in Penn. and does Life in a Jar presentations for local civic and club groups.

She has traveled numerous times to Kansas for visits with the cast. Recently Norma Jean sponsored a number of very successful Life in a Jar presentations in PA. Norma Jean is very active in the PEO civic group.

She continues to share Irena’s legacy.


Kenny Felt: Member of Project

Kenny Felt

Kenny Felt

Kenny Felt is a graduate from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. He is an award winning photographer; many of his photos appear on our website. He has been assisting the project for many years.

Kenny was a reporter for a local newspaper and has done numerous stories about ‘Life in a Jar’ and Irena Sendler. Kenny recently received honorable mention in the Gordon Parks’s Photography Contest. His photographs have also appeared in Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, L.A. Times, USA Today, Guidepost and many more news media. He was married to Megan Stewart on June 3, 2006.

Mary Kerr: Cast Member

Mary Kerr

Mary plays the Orphan as well as the Narrator in our production. She is currently studying at the Univerisity of Dallas. She has completed several unsung hero projects, which feature amazing heroes like Irena Sendler. Mary is grateful for the opportunity to travel the world sharing the powerful story of ‘Life in a Jar’.

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