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More on the trip to Poland

Irena Sendler looked great in our visits.  The attachment on this e-mail has a tender moment as she shares with Jessica Shelton (student member).  She told Jessica, “”you bring hope for the world.””

The students all thought she looked as good or better than our visit three years ago.  She seemed so healthy and so vibrant.  Her words were filled with wisdom and there were many tears, from Irena and our group.  She is a beautiful example of the power of one person to change the world.  Our three visits with her were unforgettable.

News from South Florida

Wow!!!!   Our trip to Miami, Florida was powerful.  Over 800 people present for a time to reflect and remember.  We met a fantastic and diverse group (WIZO) of people who are changing the world in many different ways.

Los Angeles Presentations, Sponsored by the Milken Family Foundation

What an incredible five days in California!!!

The Milken Family Foundation and Lowell Milken brought us to Los Angeles for six dynamic, standing room only presentations.  The Foundation treated us in a most special way.  The MFF is about repairing the world, and organized a wonderful tour of venues in southern California.  We will talk much about this in the next few days.

Irena’s New Book

We rejoice with Irena over the release of a new book in Warsaw about her life.  The author is Anna Mieszkowska and the book went into the stores on July 23rd.  The room was packed where the press conference for the book opening was held. Bieta Ficowska (saved by Irena) spoke telling briefly the history of this story. In spite of the severe heat in the room, Irena was fresh and very happy.  A well-known Polish actor read some excerpts from the book.  Until late afternoon Irena was signing autographs.

Note from Irena

From Irena:

I am very happy that the girls found good places to study and they are happy with their choices. Also it is a big joy for me to hear that Mama Megan (Debra Stewart) is much better. The spring must be beautiful at your place, but believe me it is also incredible here. Especially the chesnut trees are adorned with pretty white candelabras of flowers and the smell of the lilac reminds me of so many springs in my life.

Scholarships – Howard and Ro Jacobson

Howard and Ro Jacobson did it again, providing more scholarships at the Uniontown High School Senior Awards Night.

Three Uniontown seniors received $500 scholarships for diversity projects they have completed and two students received $1,000 scholarships for diversity projects and work on the Irena Sendler Project.  One of the students was in tears, another was so proud her achievement (she had started her high school years homeless), and others shared their appreciation of what Howard and Ro have done.  The high school counselor and school Superintendent both commented last week about the loving care these scholarships display.

Howard and Ro, we salute you.

Milken National Educator’s Conference

From Mr. Conard:

What a thrill to share at the National Educator’s Conference in Washington, D.C.  This conference has no equal in American Education.  The Milken Family Foundation is a life changing organization with outreach all over America and the world.  Lowell Milken is an example of one person who repairs the world through thousands of educators and millions of kids.  

Denver Presentations

Denver was fantastic.  The Holocaust Awareness Institute, headed by Melissa Spence, funded our travel and sponsored our presentations in Denver.  The Awareness Institute is involved in some powerful, world-changing programs and was wonderful to our parents and students.  Melissa Spence is doing some dynamic work as their director and was so involved with our ‘Life in a Jar’ presentations.

Holiday Message from Irena

Lovely Irena has a message for the holidays:

The New Year is coming. It’s time to think what 2003 was like, to answer the question whether nations and peoples came to proper conclusions about how to make the world better. Unfortunately this has not been happening; quite the opposite – the world is still in a fire of tribal, racial and national wars.

Therefore, I wish for everyone that the coming year 2004 extinguish all conflicts, all flames of war that destroy entire nations, kill thousands of people, also those happenings which harm the most innocent – the children. I wish everybody in the world, everybody dear to my heart regardless of race, religion and descent, to remember during all their actions about dignity of other persons, about their sufferings and needs, to always seek the way to mutual understanding and agreement.

As we finish this year, we need to be full of faith and hope that good will prevail at last.