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News of the Week – 4/4/16

The new Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes will have a spectacular exhibit on Irena Sendler. The exhibit will include films, artifacts from the Warsaw Ghetto, panels of the entire story, and ‘the tree.’

The ‘tree’ alone is worth the visit. You will be brought to great emotion in sharing this beautiful story. The new Center is directly across the street from the present Center. The lot it is built in was the location of historic buildings, before the famous fire of 2005. The new Center has been called one of the finest small town museums in America.

News of the Week – 03/23/16

We had a wonderful audience and performance at the JCC in Overland Park, Kansas on March 5th. We send a big thank you to the JCC staff and to Howard Jacobson for the wonderful hospitality, full house and enthusiastic reception.

We have received dozens of notes about the performance and Irena’s story.  It is such a joy to continue sharing her story with the world. A big thank you to the cast and presenters: Megan Felt, Jaime Walker, Mary Fischer, Joseph Fischer, Erin Simons, Addi Brown and Mary Kerr.  The cast continues to put forth a tremendous dedication and effort.
See for our list of future performances. Be watching for a performance in Cape Cod this July.
“I applaud your work, keep sharing Irena’s beautiful story, the world needs it very much right now.”
“I’m still getting several calls a day about the outstanding job the students did Saturday night. Several people had seen the play 10+ years ago and were blown away with the professionalism of the cast members and the addition of the short movie to introduce the play. Please send a big “THANK YOU” to,all the cast and helpers who took time to come to KC Saturday evening.”
“My family feels extremely blessed!  Last night, we finally, after several years of waiting, got to come to the Jewish Community Center and see you perform, Life in a Jar!  I tried to get tickets several weeks ago, but they were sold out. But, by God’s good grace, we were put on a waiting list and got a call Friday night there were 3 tickets available for my husband, 13 yr old daughter, and myself!. I know listening last night made an impression on our 13 year old on what a difference one person really can make for the world!”

News of the Week – 12/08/15

Irena Sendler always encouraged us to reach out during the holidays to the many friends around the world. So from Irena and the Life in a Jar family, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (started Sunday and ends next Monday) and much more to her many, many friends 

It also brings us great joy to see so many schools around the world now named after Irena Sendler. 
Also, our website is one of the most active concerning the Holocaust. 
Also, Jack Mayer’s book, Life in a Jar; The Irena Sendler Project, keeps getting rave reviews and more awards.
The Life in a Jar play continues to be in great demand. We receive a request per week, but can barely fulfill more than 4 or 5 trips a year.
There is much to be happy for thanks to Irena Sendler and her brave network, who changed the world.

News of the Week – 11/24/2015

WHAT A WONDERFUL GROUP OF PERFORMANCES IN BANGOR, MAINE. We send a big thanks to Allison Berube and her fantastic committee for hosting three Life in a Jar performances. Peter Witt, the incredible Norman Stern, Kathryn King and too many others to name, were a part of this beautiful event.

The audience was large for each performance, and the response was tremendous. We love Maine and the beautiful coastline. More than that, we love the people who put together this great series of shows.
Our cast had some new members, but the story of Irena and Life in a Jar is still the same powerful story.
Mary Kerr did a wonderful job with the orphan role. Erin Simons just keeps getting better and better as Mrs. Rosner. Addi Brown played Marie for the first time and took care of the sound. Mary and Noah Fischer were outstanding yet again. Mary Fischer also played Irena for the first time. Megan Stewart Felt missed her first performance out of 347 in sixteen years!!! As most of you know, she is expecting a little boy in early January.
We receive a request per week for performances, but our volunteer troupe can barely make four or five trips per year. The continued demand for performances is a testimony to the incredible stories of Irena and Life in a Jar.

News of the Week – 11/03/15

Irena Sendler’s legacy continues to grow!

The Irena Sendler Award was awarded last month in Warsaw, Poland. This teaching award continues to bring Irena’s actions to the forefront of Poland’s history while honoring an amazing woman who made a difference. 

As the days go by more and more schools around the world are being named after Irena Sendler!

Irena Sendler and Life in a Jar will be featured in the new Lowell Milken Center’s Hall of Heroes, located at 1 S Main in Fort Scott. This exhibit will focus on Irena’s actions and feature the students who found her story. The large exhibit will have interactive components for visitors to explore.
Thanks to some of our biggest supporters throughout the years, Howard and Ro Jacobson, over $125,000 have been given in scholarships to students who have worked on the Life in a Jar project or other diversity projects.
When Irena Sendler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, we new she would not win based on the qualifications for nomination. However, we were hoping it would make her story more known. This was a success. The world gained a greater of knowledge of Irena Sendler and her 25 collaborators due to the nomination. For example, she was featured with a photograph and story on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.
As time goes on, we will continue to work to spread her story and message of those who follow the motto her father taught her. “If you see someone drowning you must jump in and save them whether you can swim or not.”

News of the Week – 10/20/15

On this day in 1943, Irena Sendler was arrested by the Gestapo in Warsaw, in connection with her efforts to save Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto from death, and to find them homes where they might survive the war. Though sentenced to death by the Germans, Sendler, 33, a non-Jew, survived World War II. But it would be another 40 years before she was able to enjoy the recognition she received for helping to save an estimated 2,500 children from death.
Read more from an Israeli newspaper.
Jack Mayer’s book, Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project book has been chosen as the winner of the 2015 IPNE (Independent Publisher of New England) Book Award for Book Presentation and Marketing.
They also printed this interview on the IPNE blog.
Our website,, had a glitch today, but is back up. We are going to be presenting Life in a Jar in Bangor, Maine on November 8th and 9th. Contact Allison Berube at 207.852.2011 or visit our website for more information.

News of the Week – 9/21/15

Wednesday, September 23rd, will be the 16th anniversary since the beginning of the Life in a Jar project. Megan, Liz and Sabrina would start a project which would have impact around the world and bring to life the story of Irena Sendler. Over 45 young people have been involved in the project. The legacy of Irena and the project continues to grow (see below).


Thousands of descendants of Irena’s rescued children.

352 presentations around the world of the Life in a Jar play.
Over 40 schools in Poland named after Irena Sendler and more world-wide.
Over 50 million hits on the Irena website.
The Life in a Jar: the Irena Sendler Project book by Jack Mayer, ranking at the top of all Holocaust books.
The Emmy winning Hallmark movieThe Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler.
The Irena Sendler Award, which will be given out in two weeks to an outstanding teacher in Poland.
Several dozen books and films produced around the world.
Over 2,000 media stories on Irena and Life in a Jar.
The creation of the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes.
Thousands of projects world-wide to discover heroes.
Many new historical sites and references to Irena and the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland.
An inspirational story for the world.

News of the Week – 6/2/15

Read some of the most beautiful comments we have received during the last month. Also, view the latest from Liz Cambers Hutton (original founder).

Dear Norm, 

Thanks for the beautiful email to remind us that Irena passed away 7 years ago today. I will go to St. Patrick’s Cathedral this afternoon and light as many candles as I can in her memory. I thank you and Jack and Megan and the other Kansas girls for introducing me to Irena Sendler and enriching my life by knowing her story.
Patti Kenner
First of all, a Very Happy Birthday to Megan! I am so proud of you and all that you’ve done to keep the Irena Sendler legacy going. And I’m so glad I read the Ladies Home Journal article so many years ago now which brought me a new family in addition to being a part of the wonderful Irena Sendler story. Keep up the good work!
Love,  Norma Jean

Reading your e-mail had me thinking about God’s providence again.

The reporter who normally writes about National History Day was sick that day, so they asked if I could make a call and do a brief about how Kansas schools fared. I had some time, so I said, “Sure.” I knew the state historical society folks because they were good friends with a brother of mine. They gave me the results and then mentioned as an aside, “They didn’t win, but there was this really interesting project done out in Uniontown.”
By the time he was done telling me about it, I knew I had to write something. I told my editors, “Here’s your roundup, but there’s another story I have to do from this event out of Uniontown.” They kinda looked at me funny, but after I explained it, they agreed.
To this day, I feel like I never did the story justice. But God can do amazing things with mustard seeds.
-Stan Finger
Dear Liz Cambers Hutton,
I have posted your talk on YouTube. 

News of the Week – 5/12/15

Irena Sendler passed away seven years ago today. Her legacy continues and grows more each day. There are now almost forty schools in Poland named after Irena Sendler and many more around the world. Her legacy also continues in dozens of other ways. We remember her on the 7th anniversary of her passing.
At the same time we wish a happy birthday to the young lady who helped start the project which ‘rediscovered’ Irena, who has played Irena in the Life in a Jar performance for the past decade, who became very close to Irena before her passing. Happy birthday, Megan Felt.
Here are comments in emails recently received:
You are awesome!! I am almost at the end of the Life in a Jar book. Having to pause and begin again as my eyes mist with tears. Its so touching. I am grateful that chance reconnected us so that I could know about this mission to make known that which could not be hidden or forgotten; the exponential goodness that spread and is spreading from one humble woman’s selflessness. Congratulations to you! So wonderful that the telling continues.
Malissa from Indiana
I am always touched and still amazed at what you keep instilling so passionately! I can still remember seeing one of the first performances at the JCC in Kansas City, with my beloved daughter, my she rest in peace, Blakely, when she must have been around nine or ten years old.
Always Blessings Never Losses,
Barbara from Port Washington (originally from Leawood, Kansas)
We also remember the passing of Wladyslaw Bartoszewski several weeks ago. He had such great respect for Irena and what she accomplished. He once discounted his work in saving Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto and told us that Irena was “way above all the rest of us.” Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, a former Auschwitz prisoner and member of Poland’s World War II underground resistance who helped save Jews and later served twice as the country’s foreign minister, died in Warsaw. He was 93.