2018 is Irena Sendler Year in Poland as declared by the Polish Congress.

See our website, updates and new designs coming over the next month.
Our ‘Poland 2017’ journey this summer with 32 travelers was a tremendous success. Thanks to the great story of Irena Sendler and to the wonderful group traveling.  Thank you Alice, Terry, Donna, Isabella, Addi, Carrie, Cary, Eric, Alta, Amanda, Russ, Belinda, Michelle H., Dan, Jared, Norm, Jessica, Lori, Graham, Liz, Sue, Marzanna, Tina, Suzanne, Kate, Kim, Michelle S., Julie, Michelle W., Ann, Dean, and Judy.
Come and see the incredible Irena Sendler exhibit at the new Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes. Over 15,000 people have viewed the new exhibit.
Cathy Werling a staff member at the Lowell Milken Center, has just written a book on Ken Reinhardt. Ken is an unsung hero from the Central High School de-segregation with the Little Rock Nine. She has another book coming out next year on Irena and Megan Felt. This series of unsung heroes is for elementary age; they make perfect gifts for children and adults.