Here is a summary from author Jack Mayer. The summary is about his trip to Poland for the publishing of Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project in Polish.

Great work, Jack.


The Polish translation of LIFE IN A JAR: The Irena Sendler Project has been published in Poland. My wife Chip and I had the honor of being in Warsaw for 3 days (May 5-8) for the release of the translation published by Andrzej Findeisen (AMF Plus Group). It is spring and a new wind is blowing in Poland. I had a full schedule of interviews with the Polish Deputy Foreign Minister, radio, TV, newspapers, the Catholic Information Agency, literary magazines and a presentation at the brand new Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The highlight of the trip was spending an afternoon with the students, teachers, and the remarkable principal of the Irena Sendler School in Warsaw (there are 25 schools in Poland named for Irena!). The students were wonderful and eager to learn more about the hero for whom their school was named. Elzbieta Ficowska, who was rescued as an infant by Irena, was with me for several presentations. There were many emotional and heartfelt moments. None of this would have been possible without the invaluable assistance of Kinga Krzeminska and Taida Meredith, our most extraordinary translators. At the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, I participated in a panel with Marzanna Pogorzelska, who has founded the Lowell Milken Center in Poland (Kedzierzyn-Kozle, Poland) to carry on the mission of the Kansas center. The book’s official release came on May 8th at EMPiK, the largest book retailer in Poland. (Similar to our Barnes & Noble.) Its release coincides with the 70th anniversary commemoration of the Jewish Ghetto Uprising against the Germans, April 19 – May 16, 1943. I am warmed to know that Polish readers will now read my book and contribute to Tikkun Olam – “repairing the world.”