Irena Sendler passed away seven years ago today. Her legacy continues and grows more each day. There are now almost forty schools in Poland named after Irena Sendler and many more around the world. Her legacy also continues in dozens of other ways. We remember her on the 7th anniversary of her passing.
At the same time we wish a happy birthday to the young lady who helped start the project which ‘rediscovered’ Irena, who has played Irena in the Life in a Jar performance for the past decade, who became very close to Irena before her passing. Happy birthday, Megan Felt.
Here are comments in emails recently received:
You are awesome!! I am almost at the end of the Life in a Jar book. Having to pause and begin again as my eyes mist with tears. Its so touching. I am grateful that chance reconnected us so that I could know about this mission to make known that which could not be hidden or forgotten; the exponential goodness that spread and is spreading from one humble woman’s selflessness. Congratulations to you! So wonderful that the telling continues.
Malissa from Indiana
I am always touched and still amazed at what you keep instilling so passionately! I can still remember seeing one of the first performances at the JCC in Kansas City, with my beloved daughter, my she rest in peace, Blakely, when she must have been around nine or ten years old.
Always Blessings Never Losses,
Barbara from Port Washington (originally from Leawood, Kansas)
We also remember the passing of Wladyslaw Bartoszewski several weeks ago. He had such great respect for Irena and what she accomplished. He once discounted his work in saving Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto and told us that Irena was “way above all the rest of us.” Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, a former Auschwitz prisoner and member of Poland’s World War II underground resistance who helped save Jews and later served twice as the country’s foreign minister, died in Warsaw. He was 93.