Life in a Jar presented at The Temple on Harding Road in Nashville, Tennessee last week. What a thrill it was to share with the congregation a candle lighting ceremony at the community wide Yom HaShoah Observance. The ceremony involved Holocaust survivors and descendants of survivors. We have received many emails from the large audience.

The extraordinary story of Irena Sendler and the Life in a Jar students continues. We appreciate the words from the Temple;

The performance was wonderful. They are amazing young people, all of them, and they continue to bring their light and Irena’s into this world.


People have not stopped talking about the program and how wonderful and moving it was.

Another email:

Life is sacred, our survivors and Irena Sendler testify of this.


The play was so well done, so special in every way.

We offer many thanks to Rabbi Mackler and Lynda Gutcheon, plus many others who made our stay such a nice one. The Temple is involved in many programs to ‘repair the world.’