Read some of the most beautiful comments we have received during the last month. Also, view the latest from Liz Cambers Hutton (original founder).

Dear Norm, 

Thanks for the beautiful email to remind us that Irena passed away 7 years ago today. I will go to St. Patrick’s Cathedral this afternoon and light as many candles as I can in her memory. I thank you and Jack and Megan and the other Kansas girls for introducing me to Irena Sendler and enriching my life by knowing her story.
Patti Kenner
First of all, a Very Happy Birthday to Megan! I am so proud of you and all that you’ve done to keep the Irena Sendler legacy going. And I’m so glad I read the Ladies Home Journal article so many years ago now which brought me a new family in addition to being a part of the wonderful Irena Sendler story. Keep up the good work!
Love,  Norma Jean

Reading your e-mail had me thinking about God’s providence again.

The reporter who normally writes about National History Day was sick that day, so they asked if I could make a call and do a brief about how Kansas schools fared. I had some time, so I said, “Sure.” I knew the state historical society folks because they were good friends with a brother of mine. They gave me the results and then mentioned as an aside, “They didn’t win, but there was this really interesting project done out in Uniontown.”
By the time he was done telling me about it, I knew I had to write something. I told my editors, “Here’s your roundup, but there’s another story I have to do from this event out of Uniontown.” They kinda looked at me funny, but after I explained it, they agreed.
To this day, I feel like I never did the story justice. But God can do amazing things with mustard seeds.
-Stan Finger
Dear Liz Cambers Hutton,
I have posted your talk on YouTube.