Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. As we commemorate the end of the Holocaust during World War II, we continue to be inspired by Irena’s passion to stand up for those being persecuted around her. We must “never forget.”


There were several doctors in Otwock during the trying days of World War I. By the time the typhus epidemic hit the town, they had all left except for Stanislaw Krzyzanowski. He stayed, working with the poor and caring for them, until he caught typhus. Dr. Krzyzanowski died before the beginning of 1918. He had lived a life of sacrifice and a life of service. He left behind a wife and seven-year-old daughter, Irena. He also left behind lessons that would alter and change the course of lives. His high-minded values and morals communicated a lasting example of how the world should be.


“If you see someone drowning, you must jump in to save them, whether you can swim or not.”  — Dr. Stanislaw Krzyzanowski, Irena Sendler’s father


Irena would live every day of her life trying to save those who were drowning around her.


Norman Conard


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