We had a wonderful audience and performance at the JCC in Overland Park, Kansas on March 5th. We send a big thank you to the JCC staff and to Howard Jacobson for the wonderful hospitality, full house and enthusiastic reception.

We have received dozens of notes about the performance and Irena’s story.  It is such a joy to continue sharing her story with the world. A big thank you to the cast and presenters: Megan Felt, Jaime Walker, Mary Fischer, Joseph Fischer, Erin Simons, Addi Brown and Mary Kerr.  The cast continues to put forth a tremendous dedication and effort.
See irenasendler.org for our list of future performances. Be watching for a performance in Cape Cod this July.
“I applaud your work, keep sharing Irena’s beautiful story, the world needs it very much right now.”
“I’m still getting several calls a day about the outstanding job the students did Saturday night. Several people had seen the play 10+ years ago and were blown away with the professionalism of the cast members and the addition of the short movie to introduce the play. Please send a big “THANK YOU” to,all the cast and helpers who took time to come to KC Saturday evening.”
“My family feels extremely blessed!  Last night, we finally, after several years of waiting, got to come to the Jewish Community Center and see you perform, Life in a Jar!  I tried to get tickets several weeks ago, but they were sold out. But, by God’s good grace, we were put on a waiting list and got a call Friday night there were 3 tickets available for my husband, 13 yr old daughter, and myself!. I know listening last night made an impression on our 13 year old on what a difference one person really can make for the world!”