What a wonderful time in Cherry Hill, New Jersey at the Esther Raab Holocaust Museum & Goodwin Education Center for Life in a Jar. The performance was attended by nearly 500 people and there were numerous survivors present. One of the survivors was Stefanie Seltzer, President of the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors and Descendants of the Holocaust.

The Education Program Coordinator, Helen Kirschbaum, did a marvelous job of organizing and hosting.
Our cast and crew were excellent as always; Megan, Mary, Noah, Erin and Addi. The performance added a short new portion, always looking to improve.
The Chair of the Center, Renee Siegel, shared the following: “I mentioned that when I was in Krakow, Poland last year I met by happenstance, a woman named Roza Friedman. She identified herself to me (in Yiddush) as “a child of Irena Sendler.”
Many email comments have come in:
“Life is so important. Irena Sendler understood that as well as anyone who lived in the 1940’s.”
“We appreciate the wonderful work of the Life in a Jar cast in telling this story that the entire world should know.”
“It was because of you and your students that I knew Irena’s story and could therefore truly appreciate the life-affirming significance of Roza’s survival, and her ability to sit and hold hands with me on that fateful day at the Krakow JCC.”