What a beautiful venue in San Antonio. The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio hosted our troupe last week-end. The museum makes a powerful statement about the Holocaust and is a must see in San Antonio. The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio is doing an exceptional job with Holocaust Education.

It was powerful to share the auditorium with Holocaust survivors Rose, Susanna and Anna. The crowds for both performances were large and enthusiastic.
We send a big thanks to the Director of the Museum, Ellen Ollervidez. Also, providing tremendous assistance were Matthew Faulkner, Fran Vanecko and Valerie Katz.
The Life in a Jar cast of Megan Felt, Addi Brown, Erin Simons, Noah Fischer and Mary Kerr were thrilled with the experiences of sharing Irena’s story.
We receive two or three requests for the play every week and are able to perform on only about five trips per year.
A note from San Antonio:  “Last night when I had time to reflect on the weekend, a little sadness overcame me. Without your knowing, you became such a part of my life. But then I thought, this was such a magical, inspirational weekend. You will always be a part of those of us privileged to work with you and see the play and presentation. Through knowing you, we were able to know Irena Sendler. Hopefully we will carry on her message of repairing the world.
Megan, your mother and her words to you that you shared in the book will be with me always. What a fabulous group of students you brought with you. I look forward to visiting the museum in Kansas next year.
Hope you all enjoyed San Antonio as much as you enriched San Antonio.”