As we leave Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 73rd anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, we approach the passing of Irena Sendler on May 12th. She passed away in 2008.  Megan Felt, Life in a Jar Co-Founder’s birthday is also May 12th

History passes and we remember with sadness, but there is joy as we honor heroism, bravery, kindness and compassion.
The new Unsung Heroes museum in Fort Scott, Kansas has an incredible exhibit on Irena and the Life in a Jar project. You must see this exhibit. The Grand Opening ceremony is May 24th. The days following the grand opening this summer would be a great time to visit Fort Scott and our many historic sites.
Fifty students have been in the Life in a Jar project with about 10-15 involved at any current time. Twenty-eight of the 50 have acted in the Life in a Jar performance with Megan Stewart Felt, Jaime Walker, Jessica Shelton Ripper, Liz Cambers Hutton, Travis Stewart, Mary Fischer, Melissa Query and Sabrina Coons Murphy leading in total hours for the 17 years of the project.