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(Form Italy) Dear Mr. Conard,

“Yesterday I did a lesson about Irena Sendler at University (in Bologna). This is a very big opportunity that my supervisor had given me. I spoke about Irena for 100 minutes; I showed some videos (some parts of “The courageous Heart of Irena Sendler “, an Irena’s video and the moment when you and yours students meet Irena in Varsavia); I read the message that you send me for italian students some months ago; one of my dear friends played an Irena’ s letter (the letter about Pawiak), a song’s test (Auschwitz of Modena city rambles & Guccini) and a Borges’s text that speaks about a Jewish sentenced  of death. In the end of the lesson I asked every one for writing a thought about Irena and bringing a note that was in a jar ( I brought a jar with hundreds polish nomes because I would like that they can reflet about this big Irena’s action). In the end I also made students listen to Aria of Eugenie Bozza. It was a very touching moment in fact many people were crying.”

From Marzanna of Lowell Milken Center Europe:

11th December 2015 – a presentation in the prison for women. The female prisoners in Turawa near Opole, Poland, realize the project on Irena Sendler, preparing the performance in which they discovered a powerful parallel between the lives of Jewish mothers who had to give their children to unknown people and their own lives.

2nd March 2016 – co-organizing the performance prepared by women imprisoned in the local detention center. The performance, devoted to Irena Sendler life was watched by about 250 hundred students Irena Sendler’s life in prisoner’s performance. The female prisoners some months ago found out about Irena Sendler and her incredible life. Moved by the story of Irena, the prisoners, sometimes also deprived of possibility of taking care of their children, decided to write a script for the play related to Irena Sendler. In the performance the audience watched both the war scenes and post war episodes so that they could perfectly imagine Irena Sendler’s heroism. After the play, the actors got long ovation, were presented with some items of a book “Life in A Jar: the Irena Sendler Project” and answered the students’ questions on their creating the performance. The play is going to be presented in other locations as a unique example of Irena Sendler’s powerful impact that goes beyond the thickest walls. Even if on the other side there is a prison. Info and pictures