17 years ago tomorrow, the Life in a Jar project began. The project and students would discover Holocaust rescuer, Irena Sendler and change the world. Students in Mr. Conard’s class would begin telling an incredible story of courage and valor. Seventeen years ago Megan, Liz and Sabrina began a journey.

See irenasendler.org for the next presentation of Life in a Jar, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, on Sunday, October 9th.
The cast and crew has changed over the years, although Megan is still in the performance.  Irena suggested years ago we expand to include other schools. As a result, over 45 students have been in the play. The performance has been done over 380 times around the United States and the world.
A best selling book, an Emmy winning movie, a website with 55 million hits and schools all over the world named after Irena form just a part of the legacy of Irena and this project.