Great email from Berlin:

My special Irena experience, It would have been very easy to ask someone where to find Irena Sendler’s tree in Yad Vashem or look up in a brochure. But sometimes I am a bit stubborn (come on, I’ve been researching for months now, I must find a/her tree). So I thought I’d go find it for myself. (Being back home I knew it was my way to deal with all the special emotions at this place. Looking for a tree was something concrete – a good task for a German in Yad Vashem!) I had no clue So many trees. Goodness, where to start? 1 h later I was a little upset. Sun was blazing. I sat down on a bench. Then my daughters came back from the exhibition. Saw me being a bit sad. Josefine said: “O Mom, how wonderful, you found her tree. That was easy so close to the entrance, right?” I looked at her and then in front of me. There I was sitting a couple of inches next to Irena’s tree for 15 min, in silence and a bit sad and didn’t even know I was that close. Tears, tears, so many tears for so many reasons I can tell you. Thank you so much for all you’ve done and still do for Irena’s story. I will do here in Berlin my small, humble contribution. Keep in touch.


A beautiful note from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey:

Dear Norman, Megan, Jaime, Madyson, Mary, Joseph & Mr. Berndt,

Once more, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for your beautiful performance of Life in a Jar at Drew University! It was such a dream come true to meet you in person. Having you perform the play was a highlight of my time in college! Your performance touched the lives of so many people that night, even inspiring teachers to incorporate Life in a Jar into their classrooms. I would also like to thank you for sharing Irena Sendler’s story with the world. Without you, the story would have been lost forever. I appreciate all that you and the Life in a Jar Foundation keeps doing to honor the lives of unsung heroes. You also have educated others about the difference on person can make. Thank you for being the heroes and bringing Irena world-recognition! I can feel her spirit during the performances of the play! If only I could show you how grateful I am to your tireless efforts in sharing a very important piece of history that teaches the true meaning of humanity. 

Nicole Kuruszko

P.S. I intend to stay involved in helping the Life in a Jar Foundation, and so I am appreciative to have the opportunity to assist in any way that I can!

This morning, August 19, 2013, Life in a Jar/the Irena Sendler Project, was the number 1 Holocaust book in the world, out of the 6,000 Holocaust books on