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The Play, The Street, The Book

The Life in a Jar presentation this past Saturday evening at Cottey College, in Nevada, MO, was wonderfully attended.

The audience was enthusiastic and engaged in the performance. We thank President Judy Rogers, her excellent staff, and the college students who assisted with the stage. Also, we give a special thanks Kris Korb of Cottey College. A large audience shared in the presentation by cast members: Megan Felt, Jaime Berndt, Patricia Schafer, Theresa Schafer, Joseph Fischer and Mary Fischer. Three of the four Life in a Jar founders were present at this performance, besides Megan Felt, Sabrina Murphy and Jessica Ripper were present.

Irena’s story continues to impact people worldwide and make a difference in their lives.

Yad Vashem

We salute Yad Vashem and appreciate the materials from Elzbieta Mundlak and Yad Vashem. The books and materials will be used to share Holocaust education across America. Elzbieta is a child survivor and long time friend of Life in a Jar.

Irena Sendler Story in New Jersey

What a wonderful audience in Freehold, New Jersey; those attending showed wonderful admiration for the story of Irena Sendler and Life in a Jar. The program was a part of the Jewish Women’s Day at the Freehold Jewish Community Center. The event was to celebrate the power of one person to change the world. We send out a big thank you for their hospitality to Tova Chazanow, Rabbi Chazanow and Rabbi Avraham Bernstein, plus many others.

Great New Projects

For some new and exciting unsung hero projects, see and look in the lower left hand corner of the home page for streaming video. Five projects can be viewed. Megan and the education center continue to produce projects that make a difference, just like the Irena Sendler Project.

Yom Kippur

For our many Jewish friends, we observe Yom Kippur. This Day of Atonement is one of the most significant Jewish holidays.


Cast and project members, Jaime Walker and Ellie Perry, presented to over 250 people at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City on August 13th. Two long time members of Life in a Jar/the Irena Sendler Project presented a program sponsored by Reflections of Us. Irena Sendler and other diversity role models in history were shared. The audience was very enthusiastic about the program. Jaime is an employee at the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City and arranged the presentation.

Madison, Wisconsin

We send a big thank you to Dina Weinback and Steven Morrison of the Jewish Federation of Madison, Wisconsin for our warm welcome last week-end. The Life in a Jar cast loves telling the story of Irena Sendler and our Madison venues were very well attended. Thanks Dina and Steve for taking care of everyone.

Life in a Jar is big hit in Florida

Here are the words of Gloria Max, venue director of the Life in a Jar performance at Ormond Beach:

On a rainy night, 617 people came to see the play “Life In a Jar” a sold out crowd. In fact 300 people had to be turned away because of the fire code laws. These young people did an incredible job of portraying how the courageous heart of Irena Sendler saved 2,500 Jewish children. Their acting was superb but more important their sincerity shone through. The audience really got the message, that one person definitely can make a difference. It is amazing that in a city of 300 people in Kansas, students from a small public school were the ones who discovered this brave heroine. We tend to think that big, technologically provided schools produce outstanding graduates but it goes to show that your small school with an extraordinary instructor Norman Conard has brightened the world When Megan Felt who was 14 years of age found Irena Sendler, she was so taken aback at what Irena Sendler accomplished that she wrote this play “Life in a Jar”. For these past 10 years, she has traveled the United States and the World, playing the part of Irena Sendler. The one regret that Irena Sendler had was that she was sorry she couldn’t do more. Throughout this play , the students in their simplicity makes you realize that all of us have to have a hand in repairing the world. If anyone ever has the chance to see this play, make it your business to attend. Young people are our future, and these students exemplify the very best. All I can say is Bravo!

Texas and Irena’s Legacy

Here is a note from the Texas Principals Association:

It was an honor to have the cast with us for the conference. I was awed by their powerful performance coupled with their humble nature. They are a truly remarkable group of young people, and their leadership and passion give me great hope for our future. Your mission and commitment are a shining example of what one person can do to make this world a better place for all of us.

Austin & More

Life in a Jar presented in Austin, Texas last week, to the Secondary and Elementary principals from the state. We send a big thank you to all of those who made our trip so rewarding.

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